Electronic Marketing

One of the organizations I’m affiliated with is The Royal British Legion. It hits close to home because my grandparents have always been members and are now the Chairman and head accountant. Well, one day I decided I wanted to do two things for them; create a new website and to create an online store to better sell their items for fundraising. I made a website that had links, a members only page, a store, and was more in-line with the London Headquarters website. Furthermore, I set them up on PayPal to accept payments instead of people mailing in cash or checks to the organization. Since then it has exploded! People are joining and paying their dues online through PayPal. The store is getting one to two orders a day; they used to raise about $40-$50 a month, depending. Although, now with people able to see all the items, read a description, and pay with credit card, the organization is raising $800+ a month. 


A few years ago my Marketing Coordinator came to me and asked, "What can we do to increase our presence on Facebook and Instagram, but still make it relevant to Fresno State." After brainstorming for a while we came to the conclusion of a photo campaign counting down to move-in. I thought it would be a great idea for incoming freshman to get a glimpse of what they were going to be experiencing living on-campus and who was in charge of all these departments. We contacted all the department heads and I took a photo of them with a number. I then edited them for Facebook and Instagram use. Each number was how many days till move-in. Our campaign made our social media presence shoot up. We saw an increase of over 23% just in those two weeks. Plus, ex and current students/residents were sharing the photos with people.




With the countdown to move-in being a success and the numbers were showing, my boss asked what we could do to retain these new viewers and how we could increase the numbers even more. So I came up with the idea about cutting out a hashtag and having students pose with it. We would then post the photos, using this hashtag, and give them a card with our social media outlets. That way if they wanted to see them instantly, they could! Just by going to our Facebook page or our Instagram page. They could tag their new friends/roommates. Plus University Courtyard had events all week long leading up to the start of school and we also used this method. 

Created by Kevin Sweetman 

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