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One year I thought about putting ads within the student planners University Courtyard gave to students when they moved in. It had all the policies and places where the resident had to sign acknowledging that they had read the entire thing. This sparked the idea that we could go to local businesses and make a trade. They could get a certain size space in our handbook to advertise for free (they could pay to get more space) and we could advertise on-campus housing in their business for free. I had to write up the terms and conditions, contact the local business through mailers, and then organize where they would go in the planner. We had eight businesses close by (which we wanted) that we exchanged ads with. I also had to create the advertisement card that would go into those business participating. 


I was given the opportunity to completely revamp our rate sheet at University Courtyard. While some might have noted that I was not a graphic designer, I did have an array of ideas to make the rate sheet less cluttered and far more understandable. Furthermore, my knowledge of the entire Adobe Creative Suite helped convince senior staff I knew what I was doing. I changed the colors and got rid of information, such as our 7 meal plan option, that did not pertain to freshman (which this was given to) and created a separate simple letter sized sheet dedicated to the 7 meal plan. This opened up space so I could include layouts of the different style rooms. I believed this would better help someone choosing a room if they have not already seen the rooms on a tour. Finally, I altered the front to be less wordy and complicated by color coding and numbering the price breakdown. 




Part of my job at University Courtyard was giving tours to perspective residents. Fresno State did not require incoming freshmen to live on-campus; therefore it was up to us in the marketing office to convince them that they should live on-campus. We were their last stop on a long tour of the entire campus, where they were given different goodies along the way. But they would come and see us and get nothing! That's why I purposed to kill two birds with one stone. If we gave out Lanyards and Wristbands to students, it would remind them about us after they have left. Not to mention most high schools within Clovis and Fresno require students to wear their ID cards on a lanyard to school. If we handed them this lanyard and suggested that, there is a chance they will wear it, showing our logo and advertising us. It was approved and continues to this day.


This was a freelance project I took on to help a friend out. She was a startup business in need of new business cards that expressed her brand and style. Her company is public relations and is based out of Los Angeles, CA. She needed a fresh look that was universal to both male and female clientele.

Created by Kevin Sweetman 

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